China High quality Anti-theft Ditch Cover Quotes, Factory, Purchasing, Manufacturers
China High quality Anti-theft Ditch Cover Quotes, Factory, Purchasing, Manufacturers

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Anti-theft Ditch Cover


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Anti-theft Ditch Cover

Trench Cover is one kind of steel grating which uses the steel frame welding to become the track or the drainage cover with the features of easy installation and light weight.

Trench cover is mainly used for a number of factories and high-end residential use, this is mainly because the cement trench cover is often crushed, the road has also been destroyed. Therefore, the use of steel grating trench cover made to fit different truck load. Since trench cover simple construction, light weight, carrying, impact, rather bend not fold, large displacement, after hot-dip zinc treated appearance and durability, corrosion, cast iron cover with incomparable advantages.

Anti-theft Ditch Cover Application

Trench covers are Widely used for municipal roads, garden facilities, residential quarters, schools, stadium management and other different places. The company can also according to special customer requirements, design and manufacture other specifications cover the shape of the groove.

Anti-theft Ditch Cover Specification

Steel: with Q235A or stainless steel, a common type of flat, non-slip tooth and section I type. Common specifications 20 * 5,25 * 5,25 * 3,32 * 5,32 * 5,40 * 5,40 * 3,50 * 5,65 * 5,75 * 6,100 * 8,100 * 10 and so on.

Bar: with Q235A or 304 stainless steel round bar, twisted square steel, square steel or hexagonal. Twisted square steel plate park by the side by die drawing and twisting together, their common specifications are 5 * 5,6 * 6,8 * 8mm and so on.

Anti-theft Ditch Cover Surface Treatment


Hot Dip Galvanizing

Trench Cover Welding

Manual welding

Anti-theft Ditch Cover Precautions

Grating trench cover usually consists of a fixed frame and activities Grating trench cover composition, coupled with tightening may be needed accessories and anti-theft device.

GT-type trench cover: GT type common side ditch, transverse groove Grating trench cover roadways Grating trench cover under the direction dealers cover and transverse grooves into the side ditch cover. Bearing steel and dealers to become perpendicular to the direction side ditch cover, bearing steel and dealers to become parallel to the direction transverse ditch cover.

GU-type trench cover: GU-shaped groove Grating trench cover for the majority of ordinary concrete puzzle groove without edge, U-shaped trench cover is very simple, economical, no special Gouyan mouth. Loads T6-14, the Gouyan proposed to bury angle, but also can be prefabricated U-shaped ditch blocks to build ditches, effectively prevent leakage of sewage to the earth. Need to cross the car, this U-shaped steel grating trench cover only applies to side ditch.

GM-type trench cover: Road Park and other municipal facilities, water wells, dust shafts, wells, water wells and other drainage borehole, porosity, manhole cover, can be used GM-type borehole steel grating cover, GM-type steel grating cover borehole generally designed to be turn-style, usually the headstock angle can be turned 110 degrees. Angled rudder steel grating that is not only security but also simplifies the process.

Selection Description

1) trench cover flat direction bearing (support) direction, press groove (Well) leaving a gap wide flat fixed length a.

2) according to ditch (wells) long layout, taking meet the standard processing module plate width 995mm, leaving a gap between the plates 5mm.

3) the groove (wells) remaining less than one meter long section modulus determined by size.

4) according to the trench (wells) in width and load carrying requirements of the selected steel grating models.

5) the proposed size of the selection criteria for the design and construction trench cover, other specifications can be customized.

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